Dream 11/2009

I wanted to tell about a dream I had recently. I found it hilarious and it seems obvious what it “means”. First, some background.

For a large portion of my life, I have had a recurring dream, based in the area where I grew up. I am in the woods at the end of my street and I am going home. In the dream, I am 8-10 years old and I walk home the way an 8-10 year old would. I climb a tree, swing over to another tree (during the swing, I would feel my muscles working and moving against gravity). There are wires as the woods break away into the houses. I go by them and swing up to a large, 8 ft high, wood fence (did not exist in my real neighborhood). I walk down on the top, keeping my balance with my arms outstretched. Right before my house, I drop down off the fence and go into the neighbor’s (the Trotts) house. I sit down at their kitchen table and just relax a bit. I have no interaction with them, they don’t even know I am there. It’s dark out now and I assume they are asleep. After a bit, I go out back and climb over the fence. At my house, I climb up the outside and into my bedroom window. End of dream. None of this is done sneakily. I am not hiding anything or escaping from anything. I am going home from the woods. The entire trip is done alone with no interactions with anybody. Though I see my friend’s houses as I walk past them, I do not see anybody. As I said, this has been a recurring dream fairly frequent (a couple of times a year) and fairly consistent (no variations in its content).

In November a year and a half ago, that dream came again. As I decide its time to go, I look up and the leaves are off the trees. My swing to the tree is made with great effort with neither the tree nor my muscles cooperating (I don’t feel aches but my muscles sure had to work harder). I get to the clearing and the wires are hanging far lower than I remember. I get to the top of the wooden fence and it is in need of repair. The beam on the top is weak and the whole fence sways back and forth as I walk on it. When I get off, it is more like the fence threw me. At the neighbor’s house, I sit at the table and call my brother to meet me. So he and his wife are there at the table with me, but a dog starts barking. The neighbors get up to see what the barking is about and it’s not the Trotts.
What are you doing in my house?
No, no, it’s okay, I’m just going home. I do this all the time.
But you’re in my house!
Really, it’s okay, I haven’t even looked in your refrigerator
I’m calling the police
Go ahead, if you want, but I can tell you everything’s okay.
End of dream and I haven’t had it since.

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