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Ideal World or The Kingdom of God?

Several years ago, I taught a class on Christian Ethics at the local Moody Extension School. Through my studies, I became more convinced of my suspicion that the Church is mistaken when they make evangelism or even some “tend the … Continue reading

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Dream 11/2009

I wanted to tell about a dream I had recently. I found it hilarious and it seems obvious what it “means”. First, some background. For a large portion of my life, I have had a recurring dream, based in the … Continue reading

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The Right Notes

I was at a service when a group got up to sing. It was a trio of people who had sung together for a long time and they were doing a medley. The first song started off with no accompaniment, … Continue reading

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This is the eighth beatitude. One major observation to be made is it is not a characteristic of the believer but describes how others react to the believer. That is why I place this verse as a transition from the … Continue reading

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