Singing For My Life

There is an interesting story – which may be just coincidental, if you believe in coincidences – about how I (virtually) re-met this guy. A few months back I had been remembering a song of his, Man of the Tombs, which I had greatly appreciated and played to death when it came out, but I couldn’t remember his name. This went on for a couple of days, singing the song in my head and trying to remember.

It’s not like he was a big name but he was popular in the CCM niche and I had all three or four of his albums. He is a singer/song writer whose music strikes me as simple and sincere and he personally comes across as sincere. He strikes me as a “good guy”, unique even in a niche where one of the “C”s stands for “Christian”.

After a couple of days of singing the song and not remembering his name, I went to a blog I frequent where that day the blogger did a “This Day in History” type of post. In the middle of a litany of the things which had occurred the writer threw in that the day was the birthday of Bob Bennett. What a shock but now I knew his name.

I went to Wiki and read up about him and followed their link to his FaceBook page. There he had announced that since it was his birthday, he was going to do a FaceBook live event of him performing. Because of other things I had to get done, I showed up a bit late to the performance (which was supposed to last an hour but ended up going three hours). He was playing a song when I got there but at the end said he was going to play Man of the Tombs next. So I got to spend a pleasant time listening to him play. He has also continued playing on line doing a weekly show. Check him out.

With all the build-up, I’m not going to link to Man of the Tombs, however. During his FaceBook live event, I went to his site and purchased a more recent album which has this song which resonated with me a lot. His addressing the use of his gifts and talents as his needy ministry could be seen as self-absorbed but he pulls it off, to my mind anyway, with sincerity and humility. Enjoy!

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