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He Left the Linen Cloth And Ran Away Naked – Mark 14:51-52

This is based on an article I read recently called The Naked Runaway and the Enrobed Reporter of Mark 14 and 16, in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (vol 54 no 3 pp 527-545) by Abraham Kuruvilla, an … Continue reading

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Abraham Married His Sister? Ewww!

The following blog was motivated in part by an exchange I had on an online board. It got me thinking about the Doctrines of Revelation and The Scriptures. Ewww! Eww! These statements got me thinking. I think they are proof … Continue reading

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Flesh vs Faith: God Tested Abraham

[Abraham] considered that God was able even to raise him from the dead(Hebrews 11:19) We have come to the BIG event in Abraham’s life. It is the high point to which his life of faith carried him. Of course, it’s … Continue reading

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