I Am a Business Executive

I am a business executive. That means, according to Obama, I am the enemy. Yet, I am the one who creates jobs! And he wants to tax me out of business? That doesn’t make sense. What really needs to happen is the Government ease my tax and regulation burdens so I am free to hire people. So, after lowering my personal income taxes, the first thing the government should do is eliminate the minimum wage. That way, I can get rid of one $18/hr position and replace it with two $6/hr positions. That’s twice the jobs! Everybody wins. But really, since I already have one guy doing the work it wouldn’t make sense to hire two, so one guy can make $6/hr and I’ll wait until business picks up to get the other guy in. But that IS two jobs. On the other hand, I can get some Indonesian 8 year-old for maybe $1.50 a day – 14 hour day at that! Say what you will, but that little boy is proud, proud! to be a contributor to his family. American kids could sure learn stuff like pride and contributing. Plus, no stifling government regulations on safety and environmental stuff. So that’s where that $18/hr job is going to go. But remember that I said there will be two $6/hr jobs (Did I mention they will be 31 hours a week? After 32 hours you get into all this benefits crap. Obama has no idea what a HUGE burden that is.), but it just does not make good business sense to start them up right now with all the uncertainty of having a socialist president. I tell you, though, once the Government gets off my back with all those regulations and do stuff that helps me for a change, I think you can expect that I will create the jobs this country needs. And when I get my multi-million dollar bonus for this business creation plan, the Government better not want to tax it. Tax it for what? So all those women can pick up their welfare checks in Cadillacs? Seriously, what has the Government ever created?

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